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Meg was the answer to my prayers when I started the homeschooling journey four years ago. (My son graduates from high school this year.)

She was the calm in the storm. She made order out of the chaos. She empowered me and gave me hope to keep going when I felt overwhelmed and uncertain.

An absolute professional, after assessing my son and the situation, Meg was able to recommend courses for him that were developmentally appropriate and aligned with curriculum standards. She created a daily schedule for us, check lists, and met regularly to assess progress and make recommendations.

If you are paralyzed by the homeschooling possibilities, stressed about making important educational decisions for your child, and don't know where to start, schedule a consult with Meg. Investing in her expertise was money well-spent.

- J from Atlanta 

Meg tutored my 8th grader on all her subjects (High school Literature, Honors Algebra, Debate, and Physical Science). She will be your child's best friend and still got them to do their homework and assignments. Meg is the most caring tutor I have worked with and I highly recommend her. 

- J from Lilburn

Meg did such  great job of accessing where my daughter was and where she needed help. Her organization and accountability system was awesome. She has a great rapport with students and parents. The most helpful aspects of her services were:  encouragement to me, feedback on my daughter's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, and assistance with helping my daughter improve her performance in class and on exams using new strategies. 

-T from Stone Mountain

​-Since meeting Meg Tanner almost 10 years ago through Big Brother Big Sister of Metro Atlanta, she remains a prominent staple of support, guidance, structure and a huge sigh of relief - literally the light out of the tunnel to academically struggling students and their families facing a variety of socioeconomic & disability challenges. For decades as an educator, Meg has humbly devoted herself to APS classrooms and immersed herself within inner city communities gaining a broader fully hands on experience and direct engagement in serving students in need of academic support that most schools have no time nor resources to fully invest in. Meg has completely created a system that works. My son has ADHD and has faced many academic challenges and struggles throughout his elementary, high school and now college matriculation where Meg has been able to step in and academically Coach him step by step beside him in person and virtually on the "how to's" of improving his challenging areas which have been disciplining himself with structuring his time management skills effectively, formulating effective study habits, building academic self confidence and trust, as well as practicing accountability as coach & student partners. Her success rate with students across Atlanta and the country has remained high with quick and essential turn over times. Even on non coaching days she is tapping in with her students and families. The Atlanta community is beyond the moon grateful for Meg. Her systematic academic coaching rehabilitation approach needs to definitely one day be applied and incorporated into schools nationwide especially within underfunded special education services. Might I also add that she is a guiding light to parents as well! She's not only restructuring and improving the academic navigations for students but Meg is also coaching parents with homework and resources as well because ultimately a child can only advance at the level of their parents involvement, consistent support, and presence to gain the tools and knowledge necessary to advocate for your child and to be educated on your child/students needs in order to navigate mastering academic and social success. We are grateful to have her in our lives!

-S from Midtown


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