It takes a village to raise a child! Thanks to my community, I've helped students become lifelong learners and have also made lots of friends along the way.

Here are some reviews from some of my clients over the years. I'd be honored to help your family as well. 

We have seen our daughter have less anxiety and a better and more balanced attitude towards school. She is more organized and a stronger student academically, especially in Math and English. We are able to relax more and trust the process because we trust Meg's advice and she has helped us in finding the balance in doing enough, working hard, but not overdoing it. We would recommend her because she is an amazing, caring, smart, resourceful, reliable, positive, fun, and conscientious person. Her understanding of education is deep, as well as her understanding of the student and family. She has helped our whole family grow and learn. We thought we were hiring a tutor, but she has been much more like a life tutor.

-T from Atlanta

Our experience with Meg has been exceptional.  She works with all types of children and young adults. Meg truly commits 110 percent to the understanding and development of my child. She is innovative and is always looking for ways to motivate and encourage my child and me too! (LOL) She jumps in fully committed from the start.  I would highly recommend Meg for your child especially if the child has learning differences.  

-C from Atlanta

Meg tutored my 8th grader on all her subjects (High school Literature, Honors Algebra, Debate, and Physical Science). She will be your child's best friend and still got them to do their homework and assignments. Meg is the most caring tutor I have worked with and I highly recommend her. 

- J from Lilburn

Meg did such  great job of accessing where my daughter was and where she needed help. Her organization and accountability system was awesome. She has a great rapport with students and parents. The most helpful aspects of her services were:  encouragement to me, feedback on my daughter's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, and assistance with helping my daughter improve her performance in class and on exams using new strategies.

-T from Stone Mountain

-I had the pleasure of meeting Meg through a mutual friend. After talking with her, I knew she would be able to help my 5 year old son with his studies. During the school year, my son was not performing at grade level. She met with him once a week and was able to pinpoint his needs and motivate him to progress. With Meg's help my son was able to pass all his classes and he started performing above grade level. We thank God for Meg.  

-G from Norcross

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