Hello! I'm so glad that you are here, 
My personal path, unique experience, and my life long passion for growth, learning and youth led me to establish a business providing academic coaching, parent support and educational consultation to families throughout Atlanta and surrounding suburbs.

I have a passion for making learning fun and relevant for my students while assisting them in mastering the skills needed for obtaining their educational goals and in removing any obstacles that could prevent them from reaching their dreams.

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet, and often times, the best parent/child relationships can be strained with the challenges and demands of school.  It can often help tremendously to have a third party to help with the facilitation and navigation of this process.  I support parents and students by addressing issues like identification of learning styles/corresponding strategies and the development of good study habits.  When appropriate, I also interface with teachers, the school system, and other practitioners.

Lastly, school choice is not as simple as it once was.  I consult with parents regarding the best type of educational environment and curriculum for their child. 

Please see my condensed resume below or download my complete resume here!