• Meg Tanner

Take the Limits Off of Learning

Our current situation with Covid seems to have placed a long list of limits on when, where and how we can learn. Just today I received a text from a parent anxiously awaiting an announcement from her daughter's school system as to whether her school would be conducting classes in person or online when school starts in approximately one month from now. I truly feel the pain of parents, students and educators. Soon after her text, I received my alert from my vocabulary app as I do each day. I was reminded that as important and stressful as all of these new conditions on learning can be, no official or ruling should limit our ability to learn. My prayer is that our joy for learning and growing academically and holistically will not be hampered or discouraged by the current challenges but instead reignited and expressed in new ways. Downloading a vocabulary app on your phone and your student's phone can provide a fun way to expand your vocabulary which will in turn improve reading, writing and oral expression.

To use the word of the day.....I pray that our responses to our present situation will become mirabilia.

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