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Less Like a Crumbling Cookie, More Like Gabby Douglas

I have been working with a new student, a young lady in elementary school. She is having some behavior issues in school and at home. One of those behaviors is that she easily falls apart when she is corrected, redirected, or finds a task doesn’t come easily. We came up with the word picture of crumbling like a cookie. I like creating a paradigm called, “Less Like….and More Like……” We had the “Less Like” but needed the “More Like.” We were brainstorming about things that don’t break easily. We were Googling words like indestructible and resilient. Her mom walked in and said, what about Gabby Douglas. She said they were doing a Black History Month project on her. I asked what she invented, and her mom laughed and said, “Meg, that’s the gymnast.” I knew Gabby by her first name, so the last name threw me a bit. We Googled her name and found some really cool pics. What a perfect fit as this precious little girl loves cheering and gymnastics. I am trusting this will encourage her to persevere and stay strong.

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