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Everyone Needs Their Own Spot

I remember the first time I saw this Mary Engelbreit selection. It rang so true for me. I loved it so much that I had it framed and I displayed it in every office I ever had. Now that I am a dog owner, the double message has more meaning.

I referred earlier in the week to the fact that the first day of school is rapidly approaching and how important it is to stock up on the right school supplies as part of the organization piece of the KEEP CLAM AND OSAAAA paradigm . Well, recognizing that "everyone needs their own spot" to study is also an important aspect of helping your student prepare for the new school year.

During my initial interview with a new student, I always inquire about where they

typically study. Some students choose their bedrooms while others favor a common area like the kitchen or living room. Some of my older students head to the library or a coffeehouse. There is no one right place to study and complete homework, but it is a

decision that should be made intentionally and thoughtfully.

In recent days I have been thinking about this as I have found it almost impossible to

focus in my home. I was at a coffee house last week and moved three times before

finding the right place, and it felt so perfect that I actually said out loud, "this is my spot." Once there, I was able to knock out the project on my list. Environment may not

be as critical for focusing to others as it is to me , but it is definitely worth considering.

Some of the issue for to consider are:

-what are the pros and cons of the study space your student has been using?

-where can your student study with minimal distractions?

-does your student need to be in a common area for accountability?

-is the space light and bright or does it make your student want to go to sleep?

-is there a desk or table with ample room to spread out?

-are there necessary supplies handy? (3 hole punch, pencils, pens, stapler, ruler, tape)

-is there clutter that needs to be cleared?

-will having music help your student be more productive?

-should your student turn over their phones and laptops while studying?

I realize this is a real hot button, but I can unequivocally say that I have yet to meet a student or an adult for that matter who was not distracted by these devices. Students will often insist that they can handle it; they probably think they can. They may also feel like they must have it for music or the calculator, but of course there are other options for these needs.

If you have a structured study time, it will be it easier to have your student turn over their devices during this time. Of course this may be a struggle, but it will get easier when your student sees how much more productive they can be.

Consider taking a trip together to purchase a few items to make the space more functional and personal. Taking time before the year starts to make sure that your student has their "own spot" could make all the difference in the world.

One of my students created his own spot shown below. Don't you love it!

One of my students created their own spot.

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