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My Students Inspire Me

In the past I have chosen a student of the month to honor and celebrate. This semester I decided to celebrate accomplishments of every student from last semester and affirm qualities I appreciate about each of them.

Z.B. worked hard this year and made an A on her math final. She and her mom established a regular time for meeting each day and accessing her progress. I most love your smile.

C.S. improved her study habits and began investing more time in her work each night. She also stuck to an intense final exam study schedule. I love your willingness.

M.W. adjusted to a new home school school and learned to enjoy herself while making all A’s. I love your energy.

M.H. completed her first semester of college with an A/B average and completed more papers than any student I have ever worked with. I love your perseverance.

K.F. took a more serious approach to his work, and most importantly, he finally asked for help with work in between sessions. I love how mannerly and considerate you are.

O.M. went after her dream which meant she had to complete school work for five hours every night after her “job.” I love your passion.

C.C. worked hard to improve her test taking skills. I love how well you communicate about your school work and how quickly you bounce back from setbacks.

L.J. plowed through Geometry and half of Algebra 2 this year, not to mention the ACT and SAT. I love your consistency and dependability.

G.J. made his way through Algebra and half of Geometry this year. I love your willingness to accept critique and grow from it.

J.B. worked hard to manage his time and begin waking up earlier on his independent study days. I love your openness and unique way of looking at life.

B.G. worked hard to learn how to add this year and to understand the number line. I love the excitement you have about learning, and the way you make me laugh my head off.

H.M. managed one of the most difficult senior loads I have ever seen. I love your diligence and your kind spirit.

S.M. knocked Algebra and Physical Science out the park. I love your commitment to excellence.

S.M. persevered through a very challenging year. I love your leadership skills and confidence (especially in math).

R.G. adjusted to a new school with flying colors. I love the fact that you realize smiling turns your whole attitude around and that you are willing to smile when I remind you to.

B.S. persevered through a very challenging year and kept her head up. I love your personality.

N.S. completed a second year of college classes and obtained her first job and woke up before the crack of dawn to show up and handle her business. I love your spirit and friendship.

M.L. made a grueling 9th grade schedule look easy. I love your ability to make adjustments in order to succeed.

Z.A. had a very successful second year of high school. I love your insight into people and the way you help other students at school.

T.S. disciplined herself to do some serious final exam prep. I love your courage.

N.S. completed a second year of college classes and endured an incredible health challenge and managed to keep a positive attitude through it all. I love your faith.

H.S. managed one of the two most challenging senior schedules I have known including 7 plus subjects and two sports. I admire your determination.

J.Z. is more concerned about his performance than any other 6 year old I have ever met and can draw like nobody’s business. I love your swag.

D.Z. did an amazing job getting caught up after an extended absence. I love your gracious and giving spirit.


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