*Are you looking for a qualified and patient academic coach for your son or daughter?


*Are you concerned that your son or daughter may be missing certain basic skills in math, reading comprehension, or writing skills necessary for being a successful student?

 *Does your student take too long to complete homework or not long enough?

*Is your child spending too much time looking for assignments, completing homework only to forget to turn it in, or carrying a book bag full of messy notebooks and balled up papers?

*Does your home schooler need support and/or accountability structuring and managing his/her independent study days?

*Could your child use some reassurance and a boost in his/her academic confidence after a negative or traumatic school experience?

*Has your child been diagnosed with a learning disability or difference like ADD, sensory/processing issues, or dyslexia?


*Have you heard a teacher or counselor say your son/daughter lacks executive functioning skills?

*Has your home school student fallen behind in his/her coursework and needs a plan for catching up?

*Could you use assistance in understanding your student's IEP or navigating through the special educational referral process?

*Does there seem to be a discrepancy between your child's understanding of material and his/her test performance?

*Do you feel like you are battling every day with your child over school work?

*Would you like support and assistance in the facilitation of a family meeting for the purpose of improving communication and developing a family contract which incorporates your family's values and goals? 

*Could your organization benefit from a comprehensive academic support workshop for teachers and/or parents? 


I am so glad that you have made your way to my web home, and I hope you will take a few minutes to learn about me, my vision, my philosophy and the services I provide.


I have spent the last 29 years tutoring, counseling, mentoring, teaching, coaching, and supporting youth.  I love young people and have a passion for helping them develop the skills they need to be successful in life, especially with academic support.

​As I often say, "it may not be as easy as I am making it sound, but it does not have to be as hard as you might be making it."

I would love to be part of making these issues easier for you and your student.  I look forward to hearing from you.



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